First flower bred in space

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have been experimenting with plant breeding for some time now, testing whether they will be able to grow in space, which can be extremely useful for future missions. This time they managed to grow the first flower.

Current space propulsion technology does not allow for high speeds, meaning that travel will last for years. So the problem of feeding astronauts should be solved, because it would be difficult to take enough supplies from the Earth for the entire journey.

NASA wants to see if it can grow plants in space, so that astronauts will have fresh fruit and vegetables. Experiments are conducted on the ISS, where several weeks ago managed to grow a salad.

Another experiment was also successful, but this time it was not about anything edible. It was occupied by the famous astronaut Scott Kelly, who frequently records videos showing the everyday life at the station. He was given permission to grow a flower, specifically, Cynia. The first attempt was made last year, but it soon became clear that high humidity and limited airflow were not conducive to the breeding conditions of this plant species. The flowers came out of dwarf and unnaturally bent, and in addition, it began to attack mold.

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