Fi will soon be on the streets of New York

Last year we learned about the ambitious plans of LinkNYC, which plans to convert 7500 unused telephone sets into kiosks offering free Wi-Fi and the ability to charge smartphones. Now we find out that by July the New York City will be home to 500 such devices.

Since almost everyone has a smartphone or cell phone with them, public payphones are no longer useful. In New York, there are still 7,500 of them, but instead of dismantling them, they have been transformed into electronic kiosks offering free local calls, free Wi-Fi, and USB ports to charge smartphones.

This project is dealt with by LinkNYC, which has just announced that in the beta phase, there will be 510 such kiosks in New York City by July. They will be in Manhattan, South Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Brooklyn.

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