Fast disks for players

Few players know that computer acceleration can be achieved not only by replacing the CPU or graphics card but also by replacing the traditional HDD with its several times faster SSD. Intel is launching a new model for computer game enthusiasts.

The Intel SSD 730 is the latest line of ultra-fast drives, featuring upscaling controllers that deliver up to 470 MB / s of data transfer. This bandwidth will greatly speed up your favorite titles and textures, making the games run much more smoothly, which in turn will improve your fun.

New drives have the third generation of SATA 6 GB / s controllers, and if that were not enough, the manufacturer has added tricks that have raised its throughput by as much as 50 percent, and an additional 20 percent have been overclocked to NAND flash. Thanks to that, we managed to achieve fantastic transfers. For a 240 GB model, the read / write performance is 550 MB / s and 270 MB / s. The 480 GB model is much faster. In its case, read / write performance is 550 MB / s / 470 MB / s, respectively.

People who would like to switch to an SSD are usually afraid of failures and data loss. For new Intel drives this risk has been minimized. The manufacturer ensures that the drive can save up to 70 GB of data every day and work at least 5 years without losing data.

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