Facebook tests the picture-in-picture function in a mobile application

Facebook wants its users to watch as many movies as possible. The editorial staff of Android Police has just announced that the company has begun testing the picture-in-picture feature in the mobile app. The solution will allow you to simultaneously play videos and browse popular community resources.

The picture-in-picture function is already well known to people who use the YouTube platform. Thanks to the solution, the recording is displayed in a still window, which is still visible on the screen of our device. It does not even mean that at the same time we are browsing the rest of the site. In the meantime, all indications are that an identical solution would be to launch Facebook in its mobile app. No wonder, since it has been available for some time in the browser community.

According to the Android Police, the picture-in-picture feature is currently being tested in the Android software. It is unknown whether and when it will be available on Apple devices, but it seems unlikely that the company will miss such an important platform as iOS. It is also difficult to say when all Facebook users will be able to access the solution. So far, most likely it appeared only in selected people.

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