Facebook owner allocates property to fight disease

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, owned by Marek Zuckerberg and his wife, launched last year, is one of the largest projects to develop human potential and promote equality for all children. The foundation will now also research the treatment of various diseases.

Mark Zuckerber, the owner of the world’s largest social networking website, is a man who is very committed to helping others. Last year, together with his wife, Priscilla Chan, he founded a foundation called Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, which donated 99 percent of Facebook’s $ 50 billion. Its purpose is to develop human potential and promote equality for all children.

Another project has been announced to help humanity. The Foundation has donated $ 3 billion, which in the next decade will be used to research drugs for various diseases and to develop ways to prevent them.

The project was divided into three stages. The first is the gathering of scientists and engineers, the next is the construction of tools and technologies supporting the scientific community, and the last increase in funding for science funding. For the time being, the first step is to work with scientists, physicians, engineers and universities to support their new initiative.

The first investment under the new project is Biohub, a special facility in which UCSD, Stanford and Berkley researchers will work together on new therapeutic tools. It will also be a collaborative center for experts in various fields and is managed by biochemist and biophyologist Stephen Quake.

One of the first Biohub projects is Cell Atlas, a study of the complexity of human cell interactions. Another is called the Infectious Disease Project, and its purpose is to detect and treat diseases such as Ebola, Hiv and Zika.

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