Facebook Messenger has more games than we thought

Manufacturers of various applications often put in them a variety of so-called. Easter eggs, which are additional functions or entertainment items, deeply hidden in the code. These elements also include the popular Facebook Messenger messenger, and as it turns out, there are many more there than initially thought.

A few months ago it was revealed that one of the most popular mobile messengers, Facebook Messenger, has a secret video game in which we can play basketball. Now it turns out that this is not the only entertainment offered by this tool, because it has another game, this time the football.

Its launch takes place in the same way as in the case of football games, because it is enough to choose a friend and send him football emotion. Then click emoji and you can start playing. The game is very straightforward, and the ball bounces off the edge of the screen, and our task is simply to steal it, for which we get points.

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