Facebook Live is no longer profitable

The Facebook Live feature was meant to attract new Facebook users to Facebook. However, it turns out that live broadcasts are not so interesting, so the portal is no longer willing to pay their authors.

Some time ago, the Facebook boss fascinated with live broadcasts, decided to launch the Facebook Live feature, hoping to attract new users, increasing the attractiveness of the service. The portal has been seriously involved in the project, even deciding to pay publishers for offering professionally prepared materials.

From the point of view of the users, however, the idea turned out to be less interesting than Mark Zuckerberg expected, and apparently was not able to achieve the goals set before him. The Redcode site claims that Facebook is slowly getting out of it. The portal does not plan to renew contracts signed with content producers signed in 2016, guaranteeing them money for published materials. Instead, the site intends to focus on longer-established films.

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