Facebook is struggling with misinformation

Facebook representatives admit that the problem of false news disseminated through social media is becoming serious. They promise to take active action that should reduce the level of disinformation.

In the modern world the information is spreading very quickly, and lately the fastest source of information is social media. The problem is that more and more false information is emerging there. Many people deliberately put them there, apparently having fun when they are then picked up by other users and even the media, going further into the world.

This is a very serious phenomenon as it can cause huge financial losses. If someone releases a false message in the world, such as detecting a poisonous substance in a company’s products, it will immediately cause a drop in its share price. Of course, this is just one example, because the consequences of such misinformation can be much more serious.

The biggest problem with the fake news is Facebook, which in recent times there are quite a lot of them. Adam Mosseri, vice president of product management, has said he will take decisive action to counter this.

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