Facebook is fighting fake information

A few weeks ago, Facebook announced that it was going to fight the fake information posted on the Web. Now the portal has provided details of the activities it is going to take on this issue.

Disinformation that has surfaced recently has become a serious problem. Intentional information posted on various sites is extremely dangerous because they can seriously harm a company or person presented with them, resulting in huge losses.

It is enough that the world will go gossip about the contamination of food of a company and already people stop buying its products, and the stock price of the company is going down. Recent US events have also shown that such information can have a real impact on the outcome of the presidential election.

The fight against false information has been announced by big technology companies, including Facebook. The largest social networking site has just revealed details of the ideas it intends to use to combat this phenomenon.

The first step is to identify fake messages. For this purpose, Facebook intends to use the help of its users by offering them a convenient tool for reporting suspicious messages. Submitted articles will then be sent to external companies to verify the truthfulness of the information contained therein. Among them are Snopes, ABC News and the Associated Press.

At this stage, the article will not be removed yet, but it will be flagged so that any user may know that it is being verified and may be untrue. Additionally, potentially misleading information will be downgraded in the news section and a user who wants to share this article will be warned.

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In addition, Facebook will also prepare other mechanisms that will hit pages that publish fictitious information. Such a site will not be able to buy ads and promote its posts, which in turn will affect the popularity of such information, and thus the profit generated by false messages.

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