Exynos 5433 more energy-efficient than the competition

It has come to our attention that smartphones with large screens and high performance components are unlikely to beat long battery life records. It turns out that the Galaxy Note 4 is different, and the manufacturer really tried.

The network has long battery life tests performed in several operating modes. The Galaxy Note 4 has been compared to many well-known designs, including smartphones and tablets. The results seem surprising – Samsung’s new phablet is truly energy-efficient.

The first test was to run the phablet with a perfectly white background and leave it that way until it was unloaded. In this case, Note 4 reached the result of 8 hours and 30 minutes. Great is the merit of the Super AMOLED display, which is equipped with the device. The design also worked well with the Wi-Fi test – here it was recorded over 7 hours and video playback, which was possible up to 12 hours.

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