Extremely expensive and beautiful televisions

Connect Internet TVs and widescreen TVs are far more useful than active 3D imagery. Loewe offers a wide range of applications: Aupeo! Internet radio, eBay auctions or Picasa. All given in aesthetically designed menu. In addition, we have the ability to connect a wide range of devices: from computers, digital cameras and Smartcard access cards, to Apple devices. The TV will also show files shared on your home network. With Loewe DR + you can pause the program and continue watching from the moment it was stopped, eg on another TV Company in the bedroom – thanks to Loewe DR + and Follow Me (follow me). In addition, you can start watching a movie on your Loewe DR + recorder in the bedroom of your living room via your home LAN.

Loewe TVs are designed for the most demanding people with a wealth of wallets. Out of the competition’s products are distinguished by interesting and original design.

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