Exclusive console on 20

Will you believe that it has been 20 years since the first PlayStation console appeared on the market? And yet it is true because its debut in Japan took place on December 3, 1994. So we have a round of 20th anniversary of this brand and Sony has decided to highlight it with a special version of the PlayStation 4.

It is hard to deny that the PlayStation brand has a significant impact on the development of the video game market, and that is what we owe to the popularisation of home consoles. So the 20th anniversary of its existence is so important not only for the players but also for the maker of this popular razor. That is why Sony decided to celebrate this anniversary in a very interesting way, namely the special edition of the PlayStation 4.

The console will be built in a limited edition of 12,300 and is called Original Gray, which of course refers to the gray color in which the first PlayStation was offered. The colors of the hardware itself also relate to this because the housing, controller and camera are also gray. A special box was also created.

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