End with winter window scraping

Volkswagen is working on a new technology that will release us from the nasty duty of scraping the windscreen in the winter. Its system is a newer and more functional solution from the hitherto used.

Every car owner knows that in the winter time, every morning departure must start much earlier in order to have time to scrape ice from the ice. Especially the windscreen, which is very important for our safety.

While some manufacturers use embedded wires that heat it like a rear window, it is not the ideal solution. The wires are perfectly visible and can disperse.

Volkswagen engineers have created a completely new technology that will provide the same effect but without the disadvantage of visible wires. The idea of ​​German engineers is based on a transparent layer of conductive silver, placed between two layers of laminated glass. The system consuming about 400-500W of energy will instantly warm the glass, removing ice and snow from it. Importantly, the heating elements are also at the bottom of the glass, heating the wipers and preventing them from freezing.

Not all the advantages of the new solution. The silver layer additionally reflects 60 percent. More infrared radiation, which in the summer protects the interior from overheating and will allow less use of air conditioning, thus saving fuel.

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