Electronic gadgets for dogs

Dogs accompany man, probably, from more than 30 thousand. years. No other animal is as loving as a domesticated wolf, and few other animals are as willingly educated as dogs. Sometimes, however, it takes a lot of effort to master the enthusiasm of the pet, with the help of modern Garmin solutions.

Dogs, especially young, are eager to explore the area. Puppies and sometimes older puppies, lose themselves, run away, bark. Garmin proposes collars to help control pets. The presented devices allow you to locate, track and remotely train the quadruples.

The over-sensitive dog can obsessively bark. Tri-Tronics technology has been developed to remove the annoying bark. Unlike simple and quite unfriendly animal collared collars, Garmin proposes a technologically advanced device that distinguishes barking from other sounds from the quadruple. The collar can even recognize and classify the sounds you hear for “good” and bad barking. The collar will not respond to attempts to communicate the threat or the sound of joy. BarkLimmiter precisely adjusts the level of adjustment to a particular animal, regardless of race, fur thickness, and the like. The collar is started in Autorise mode, from the lowest level of bark correction, and gradually elevates it until the dog stops the unnecessary barking. The Odark Bark function will tell the owner of the bark how many times the dog has barked. Reaction to dog sounds may be electric stimulation, but the manufacturer suggests using vibration.

The next device is the Delta, which will help in the dog’s training. This is a combination of an electronic training collar, an antiskid collar and a buzzer to find a dog. The Delta system is equipped with a readable LCD display that allows you to control and remotely switch between different dog training modes and make adjustments to your training style to best suit your dog’s temperament and temperament. The collar works in a radius of 800 m, it is waterproof and unsinkable.

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