EBay guarantees fast delivery

The largest auction site in the world is planning to launch a new program this summer, which will provide users with quick delivery of purchased products. EBay will guarantee delivery within three days.

Competition in online commerce is getting stronger and companies have to fight fiercely. It is impossible to do this with the price, since they are very close to each other now. It is possible to improve shipping because the customer wants to receive the goods as soon as possible, so he will choose the company that will provide him with the shortest delivery time.

The leader in this field is Amazon, but this summer gloves are going to throw him the eBay portal. The world’s largest auction site plans to launch a program called “Guaranteed Delivery”. Under the program, the customer can expect to receive the goods within a maximum of three days. If it does not arrive at the scheduled time, then eBay will reimburse the shipping cost.

At any time on the site are available 1.1 billion items, of which 67%. It is sent for free, and 63 percent. It reaches customers within three days or longer. The new program will significantly shorten delivery times as customers will be able to search for items by filtering them after a delivery time of 1, 2 or 3 days, by manually selecting how much they want to wait for the item.

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