Earth has a new mini moon

NASA scientists claim that the Earth has gained a new mini moon. An object named by 2016 HO3 astronomers orbits around our planet, holding on to it for years.

Near our planet, they often go through various objects and sometimes even strike them. For the first time, however, one of them circled around her. This is what makes the 2016 HO3, which was quickly christened the mini moon.

The object was detected on April 27 this year by Pan-STARRS 1, a telescope in Hawaii. The Observatory is managed by NASA’s Planetary Defense Bureau and is used to observe asteroids flying near Earth.

Technically, 2016 HO3 is an asteroid whose diameter is estimated at 40 to 100 meters. What is most interesting about it is the fact of orbiting around the Earth. The object sometimes appears closer, sometimes further, but always holds more orbit around the planet.

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