DVD player found in broken Tesla

A few days ago, the American media reported the first fatal Tesla S crash that took place during Autopilot. The wreck investigators found a DVD player on which the driver probably watched the movie while driving.

Autonomous cars will only come out in a few years, but some are now fully benefiting from the advances in modern automotive technologies, such as the Tesla S Autopilot. This system takes over the car while driving on highways and can do so largely independently. Some forget that this is not yet a technology that can be left unattended.

One of the American owners, Tesla S, had forgotten that he had recently fitted himself into a trailer on the road, killing himself on the spot. This incident aroused enormous interest not only in the media but also in governmental road safety authorities, which promptly launched investigations.

His result may be surprising, because during the wreck inspection found a DVD player from which the driver used to drive while watching a movie with him Harry Potter. The testimony of witnesses, however, is contradictory, as some say that the player was acting after a collision, others in turn assert that it was off.

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