DroneGun will kill every dron

DroneShield has developed a new tool to eliminate drones that violates our privacy. The device is called DroneGun and will knock out any unmanned person from a distance of up to 2 km.

Since drones have become popular, they have started to make a lot of trouble. Their pilots, without paying attention to the limitations, are flying into the restricted airspace, pose a threat to humans and animals, and also violate privacy.

So there are many different concepts to get rid of mechanical impulses. The Chinese company DJI, the largest dron producer, introduces virtual fences to their devices that prevent them from flying into specific areas, but most models do not have this technology. With DroneShield, however, you can easily get rid of our area or near the airport.

Her engineers have developed an anti-drone weapon called DroneGun. This device is equipped with radio frequency interference technology from 2.4 GHz to 5.8 GHz, used by unmanned transmitters. Disturbance of unmanned communication causes the pilot to stop controlling the machine that falls to the ground.

Some models in such cases automatically return to the programmed location, so the weapon may additionally interfere with the GPS navigation system and GLONASS, and operates up to 2 km.

Built-in battery is enough for two hours of work.

DroneGun is not the first of its kind to eliminate drones. A similar gadget is DroneDefender, which shoots a concentrated radio wave from 400 m away, disrupting unmanned systems.

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