Dron to transport people

Drones are not just small devices designed for filming from the air or delivering small packages. There are also models that have enough lifting capacity to carry a human.

We are used to hearing that drones are small devices, and yet they do not have to be. Griff Aviation has developed a new unmanned model named Griff 300 that can move a man.

The machine weighs 75 kg and thanks to the powerful engines installed in it, the load capacity is impressive of 225 kg. It can not only transport heavy loads, but also serve to transport people, becoming a personal transport system, for example, to bypass traffic jams and get to work faster.

The Griff 300 has eight rotors, each with a separate motor. Depending on the weight of the cargo dron on a single charge the battery pack can fly from 30 to 45 minutes.

Dron is controlled from the ground with a special controller, but its future owner can optionally order a special helicopter-like controller that allows the machine to be controlled from the perspective of the first person. It can also be equipped with cameras, sensors and a cargo compartment to carry various items.

The Griff 300 was primarily designed for the military, police forces, firefighters, and search and rescue teams, which, thanks to their high capacity, can easily provide food and medicine to people cut off from civilization by flood.

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