Dron for industrial applications

The Chinese company DJI during Mobile World Congress unveiled the latest dron model. The machine is called the Matrice 200 and is a model designed for industrial applications.

Drones are slowly ceasing to be only toys used for filming from the air and become useful tools for inspection, building and bridges. Manufacturers of these devices are also beginning to see the changing market needs and design models that are ideally suited for more serious applications.

One of them is the Matrice 200, created by the Chinese DJI company, which was presented at the Barcelona mobile fair. This model is intended for professional industrial use and will be available in several variants, differing with accessories.

The basic model will be equipped with a single gimbal to install a camera located under the dron. A bit better is the M210, which is supposed to offer two camera mounts at the bottom of the dron and one at its top. Both models will also have a company-owned flight management system, as well as DJI Pilot. This allows you to use features such as object tracking, autonomous circulation in a programmed area, and active tracking.

Drones are IP32 certified, so they will be partially weather resistant, though flying them in a storm or during heavy rain will not be a good idea. Conversely, little moisture should not harm them.

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