Drawing pixels on the ipad screen

Pixel painting requires patience from the artist, attention to details and imagination. Images consist of millions of points. Placing everyone in the right place just sounds straight.

The point-drawing technique is similar to the way some impressionists used it, G. Seurat, to create masterpieces of painting. Artists putting up small patches of colors built up the mood. Today instead of Bristol, boards and paint you can use the tablet. Especially for iPads was created Pixaki application, which allows you to draw a squared square. Working with such a tool requires time and patience from the artist.

The application was designed to help artists create retro games and graphics. The size of the drawing area closes in the square of the side of 512 p. While creating the application allows to use popular gestures, tweaking reduces the displayed area, the separation of two fingers apart, the screen zooms the drawing.

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