The dog will sniff out utility electronics

It is not known today that dogs have a sensational sense of smell, so they are often used to search for drugs or explosives, doing so in a very effective way. Some quadrupeds, however, can sniff out consumer electronics that seem to have no odor.

One such dog is Selma, an FBI labrador trained to track the chemicals used to produce electronic devices in hard disks, pendrives, and motherboards. It searches for people’s hands, their clothes and many other places. The dog had previously participated in a New York-based program, which was a tour guide for the blind and is now fighting crime.

Selma is used to fight child pornography and since her service in October last year, her nose has contributed to issuing more than 50 search warrant searches for homes and homes belonging to suspects. In one case, the dog hissed a memory card hidden in a drawer in a sewing machine. The material found on it allowed the investigators to find a link between the victim and the suspect.

Interest in dogs is also expressed by other government agencies, so soon will be training five more quadrupeds.

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