Do not send business emails to employees after hours

How many of you have received an email from your employer when you have finished your work or holiday? Such situations are very common, which increases the stress level of the employee and makes it difficult to rest. The French government so that such action is unacceptable and decided to prohibit it.

In France, new regulations governing employee rights are being introduced, which prohibit email contact outside the hours of employment. In other words, our boss can no longer send us a business email when we leave the office after work, or we are on holiday. Thanks to that, we can completely cut off from the duties and stress often associated with work.

Regulations, originally supposed to enter into force in 2014, however, have been put into effect only now. However, they have some limitations, so not all employees will get on. They cover only companies employing 50 people or more, that is large factories or corporations.

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