Denuvo removed from the 2Dark game

What an interesting coincidence. A few days ago we wrote about breaking the latest version of the Denuvo antitrust system, present in 2Dark. Shortly thereafter, Bigben Interactive announced the total removal of this DRM from the said production. But what is interesting, the company explains its decision in a rather specific way.

In the statement that appeared on the Steam platform we read that with the latest patch Denuvo system is completely removed from the 2Dark. Bigben Interactive explains that this option was requested by the players themselves, so it was decided to follow the voice of the community. It is difficult to believe in this kind of statement, which was released after the pirate version of the network.

It is probably the break of Denuvo that the publisher decided to give up this security. It is worth remembering that the anti-subsidy charging system allows both a one-time payment and a certain amount of money from each DRM-sold game. If Bigben Interactive chose the latter option, then after breaking the security it was pointless to continue to pay for something that did not work anyway.

The issue of the introduction of an anti-subsidy system is also interesting. 2Dark is a game that was funded during the Kickstarter campaign. The developer promised that the product will not come with any additional security system, except of course, as standard as offered by Steam. Publishers did not bother to use this title in Denuvo. Interestingly, the Linux version was completely abandoned, although it was also announced earlier. It is really hard to believe that Bigben Interactive is counting on customers in any matter.

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