Deepcool Wave Casing

Deepcool, a well-known manufacturer of PC accessories, has introduced its latest product, Wave Casing. It is designed for micro-ATX and mini-ITX boards, and features minimal design and functionality in component assembly.

The design of the new housing is very simple. Its manufacturer has opted for no additional ribbons and other components that could distinguish Wave from hundreds of other enclosures available on the market. Its front is ribbed and features a door that covers two 5.25 “bays and one 3.5 / 2.5” bay designed for a memory card reader. The front side of the front panel also includes USB ports and audio inputs.

The power supply was located in the top of the casing, which allowed a lot of free space under the expansion card, while allowing the graphics card to be installed up to 33 cm. When it comes to the cooler of the CPU cooler, it can reach a maximum of 14.5 cm.

In addition, several fans have been added inside to improve the cooling of the components. Front 120mm windmill, 90mm rear 90mm, and additional 90mm diameter can be installed in the side panel.

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