DARPA presents a droning system

DARPA has just presented a prototype of its latest invention. Engineers working for the Department of Defense have created a system called SideArm, used to capture drones.

American troops are increasingly using drones to take part in various missions. These machines are perfect for military use because they can not only act as scouts, but also attack targeted targets.

Unfortunately, the biggest problem in this type of mission is the later retrieval of drones. Typically, operations do not provide for the preparation of an aerodrome where the unmanned aerial vehicles could be grounded, and they are expensive enough that their abandonment is out of the question.

DARPA has developed a SideArm system that can solve this problem. It is a special robot, designed to capture drones in the air. The device may be attached to an airplane serving as an aircraft carrier for unmanned aerial vehicles from which they will be fired. Upon completion of the task, SideArm gets rid of all the machines.

The prototype of the shown machine is housed in a standard container and can easily be transported by train, truck or airplane, and only 2-4 people are required for distribution and service. It can be mounted on a truck or a ship, and after the mission is completed, all the drones involved will be taken.

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