DARPA has an autonomous submarine hunter

Submarines are very effective offensive weapons. They can stay under water for many weeks, extremely difficult to detect, and have a wide arsenal of weapons including ballistic missiles. DARPA has, however, developed a weapon that can significantly reduce the prevalence of submarines.

About three years ago, DARPA first mentioned the design of a robotic submarine called the Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV), whose task would be to destroy submarine submarines. After several years of development work, it seems that the project is already close to completion. Engineers working in the Pentagon’s laboratories boast of creating an autonomous hunter for destroying submarines.

ACTUV is a nearly 40 meter long construction that will arrive on its first cruise on 7 April this year. It is an autonomous dump of 140 tons, designed to stay under water for months, and what works completely independently.

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