Damaged tires will repair itself

Researchers around the world have been working on materials for years that can repair themselves in the event of a breakdown. Plastic and concrete have already been developed, and now scientists in Germany have created a rubber that can self-seal holes.

Every driver knows that breaking a tire always causes a lot of trouble, especially when it comes to turning out of town, at night, in dense rain or snow. That’s why some manufacturers use Run Flat tires, which, after piercing, still allow them to travel several dozen kilometers. They do quite well, but their drawback is low comfort due to the high stiffness of the tire.

But scientists from Germany have devised a technology to make the punctured tire no longer a problem as it will repair itself. Researchers have created a special type of self-healing rubber, which after piercing automatically seals the hole to create a strong connection. It shows exactly the video below, where you can see that the cut piece of rubber is connecting itself after some time, creating a connection that is as strong as the beginning. All you have to do is to fill up the air in the punctured tire and you can get off the road.

For more information on this extraordinary invention, please visit this page. For the time being, there are no commercial plans for the use of this invention yet, but given its usefulness, it is a matter of time when the tire companies are interested.

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