Cubieboard tiny computer With … Android

Cubieboard 2 is a tiny computer, shaped and dimensionally similar to Raspberry Pi. Here, however, we will find more storage, built-in storage, and some other improvements that Raspberry Pi lacks.

The first version of Cubieboard appeared last year. Equipped with the Allwinner A10 ARM Cortex A8. Now with the more powerful processor – the Allwinner A20 dual-core ARM Cortex A7 chip, powered by the Mali 400 MP2 graphics chip. It is compatible with the A10 (pin-to-pin) cradle, which will make it easier for manufacturers to upgrade their computer.

The basic specification of Cubieboard 2 is as follows:

The device does not have a WiFi modem and – a curiosity – there is no pre-installed operating system. However, you can plug in a USB WiFi card and install Android, Ubuntu or another Linux distribution.

Cubiboard2 was priced at $ 60

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