Cubans will eventually receive home internet. At least some

While Western countries are considering integrating access to the global network into basic human rights, Cubans have finally received the opportunity to bring their home into a permanent link. The plan envisages equipping around 2000 households.

Cuba was technologically advanced to the rest of the world so far, and it also included internet access. Residents of the country could only dream of fixed links in their home. The network could be used in very few places, and the price of such a service significantly exceeded the financial capacity of the average Cuban.

The situation has improved significantly in recent times. In some places you can already use public hotspots, and now the government has announced plans to make private internet connections available.

Within two months of testing, the government telecoms firm Etecsa will install links in 2000 homes located in one of Old Havana’s neighborhoods. There has also been a 25% reduction in the price of network access charges for city residents to afford it.

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