Crytek Shanghai employees have not been paid for months

The German owner for too long ignored his subordinates. Several months after the closure of the Crytek Shanghai branch, interesting information about the operation of the studio was published several months before the liquidation. It turns out that the situation in the Chinese entity was really very bad, and the employees still did not receive the money they owed.

The Shanghai branch of Crytek was closed by the headquarters of the company in December last year, at the same time as four other operators. The team was created in 2012 to deal primarily with the development of the CryEngine engine, and later worked on the VR technique. For a while everything went well, but nothing lasts forever, so in the end money problems started.

It is no secret that Crytek was not able to pay his employees for their work and, among other things, It forced the company to restructure. By selling the Warface brand, the company received funds that could be spent on overdue salaries. These were supposed to be transferred to the relevant departments from October last year. The problem is that apparently it did not concern Crytek Shanghai, because people employed in this department have not received any transfer so far.

The bigger problem was, however, for them not paying rent for rented office space. Due to the multi-month arrears the landlord terminated the rental agreement and simply forced the team to abandon their posts. The decision completely cut off the wings of the members of Crytek Shanghai, who were still hoping to start working on their own. The crew obviously blames the main branch of the company, who has not behaved fair to them. Some employees even say that Crytek “destroyed their lives” and, though strong words, in the context of their situation, their appearance is really understandable.

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