Crash dummies in the Orion capsule test

The Orion Crew will soon be transporting astronauts to the International Space Station and delivering them back to Earth. Landing is a particularly dangerous stage, so NASA wants to make sure that astronauts are safe. He then tests the capsule using crash mannequins.

Since NASA has completed the shuttle program, the astronauts on the International Space Station are delivered on board Russian missiles. For a space agency this is a big problem because it pays hundreds of millions of dollars for it, so for some time it is trying to become independent of the Russians.

This can be helped by the manned Orion capsule, which will deliver people to the ISS and pick up astronauts who have completed their mission. However, the capsule is so constructed that with its orbit returning, it falls into the ocean. The impact on the surface of the water can be strong and NASA wants to see if the forces at that time will not endanger the lives of the astronauts.

The agency checks the capsule, throwing it a full-size replica, with the dummies used by the automotive companies for crash tests aboard. Each such phantom is packed with very precise sensors that measure the overload as well as the forces acting on the entire structure of the capsule and how many of them are transferred to the astronaut’s seats.

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