Conceptual subaru Viziv Future with features for cyclists

Amateur cyclists would like to be able to easily transport a wheel, but most of the vehicles available on the market do not have such functionality. Subaru, however, demonstrated the Viziv Future model, which was designed specifically for such people.

The concept car will soon be presented at the Tokyo Motor Show, but now we can take a closer look at it. The conceptual model is equipped with wide-open opposite door for easy entry and a very interesting system of transporting bicycles, so you can drive to the forest to change to a greener vehicle.

Subaru Viziv Future offers two methods of transporting a wheel. The first one allows you to carry your bicycle in the interior and when you fold the rear seats, our eyes are fitted with a rail mounted in the floor, allowing you to attach your bike to the floor, thus allowing its safe transport. The second method is more traditional and known from Opel cars. So, the rear bumper is integrated with the bicycles and when it is retracted, we can attach two backs to the rear bumper.

The cockpit of the car is economical and very modern at the same time. Before the eyes of the driver there are colorful displays replacing traditional clocks, while in the central console is a large touch screen multimedia system that allows to control the GPS navigation, movies, music, etc.

The car also features advanced safety technology. The windscreen has a multi-directional radar system and EyeSight cameras to prevent collisions with other road users, warning cyclists and pedestrians alike. It is also extremely accurate GPS navigation, working with external systems to enable autonomous driving on motorways as well as automatic parking.

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Viziv Future also has advanced telematics that processes weather data and traffic congestion, informing the driver of the traffic situation. In addition, he can provide information related to his hobbies and other aspects of active life. The manufacturer does not explain what is going on, but one can assume that the vehicle will suggest places worth visiting or will provide sports results.

Viziv Future is equipped with a hybrid powertrain that drives all the wheels. Subaru has, however, relinquished the standard configuration of several electric motors for a more compact single-engine rear axle. The internal combustion engine is also very small and has a turbine equipped to provide it with the right power.

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