Conceptual mitsubishi EMIRAI 3 XDAS unpacked technology

The conceptual model of the Japanese concern not only looks like a vehicle from the future but is also packed with electronics and modern technologies. These solutions keep the driver safe, but they do not interfere with driving.

The vehicle is equipped with face-facing cameras that keep track of its line of sight and the direction in which it is directed to better detect or see obstacles that may appear on the road. There are also side-facing cameras up and down to monitor the car’s surroundings in case of poor visibility.

Interestingly, it is also a non-contact cardiographer developed by specialists from the National University Corporation, Kyushu Institute of Technology, which provides the knowledge of the driver’s physical condition. Thanks to telematics, the computer compares the new data with the previous records and can detect that the driver is tired and then offers him a rest.

Auto also features a brand-new cockpit in comparison to the previous concept, featuring a new HMI (man-machine) interface that displays information on special LCD panels that are tailored to offer brighter images and reduce reflections. Control of the individual components of the vehicle is done by gestures recorded by special cameras, so that the driver does not have to detach the pattern from the road. There is also a three-dimensional head-ub display, which presents the most important information on the glass.

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