Concept Rinspeed σtos will debut at CES 2016

CES was the venue for the presentation of new consumer electronics in the last summer. Recently, the event attracted more and more automotive companies presenting the latest technologies. There will also be presented Σtos, the latest concept model from Rinspeed.

Rinspeed is a Swiss company known for the production of atypical vehicles that can simultaneously navigate land and swim like a motorboat. For some time, the company’s engineers are working on a completely new concept model called Σtos, based on BMW i8.

The Σtos is a fully modern car and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which, in addition, is a stand-alone vehicle. The manufacturer has equipped it with an advanced standalone platform, combining eight external HD cameras, an extremely accurate GPS system and 3D mapping technology. The system is able to create three-dimensional images of buildings, trees, bus stops and other surroundings as well as passing vehicles.

And thanks to the built-in monitors connected to the tracking system, the driver is constantly on the road, while the extended reality system displays various warnings in his field of vision. Parts of the equipment are also side mirrors, displaying the image only when the driver looks at it.

An interesting issue here is the vehicle control system, which of course allows manual control of the car if the driver so fond of. The steering wheel has a built-in display. However, if the owner wanted to focus on other tasks while driving, then Σtos can switch to autonomous mode. Then the steering wheel hides deep into the dashboard so as not to take up space in the cab, and the car will start to drive independently.

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The infotainment system looks interesting in this model. It consists of 21.5 “dual-curved Ultra HD screens, while Harman’s engineers have taken care of the connectivity, entertainment and security features of the software.

The system uses solutions that allow them to learn and adapt to the driver’s driving style, as well as provide useful information such as detours, refueling, appointments, or settings. The whole system can be controlled using physical buttons, touch controls, gestures, or voice commands.

The manufacturer also took care of the technology that allows him to be in continuous contact with the network. Connectivity is achieved through a smartphone, as well as roof-mounted antennas along with signal amplifiers to keep the communication running smoothly.

The most interesting feature of Σtosa is, however, the landing pad for the dock located in the rear. Dron plays the role of a personal assistant and a photographer. It may therefore serve to take pictures of landscapes, but at the same time it can be sent to receive our purchases from a nearby store. Dron is also autonomous and lands alone on a panel made of Gorilla Glass.

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