Clean diesel fuel with new fuel production method

Recent reports have shown that diesel engines are not as environmentally safe as they were recently thought. On the contrary, they are very harmful and some companies intentionally concealed this fact by using various tricks. Thanks to the efforts of scientists from Belgium and the Netherlands we do not have to abandon these engines, however.

Specialists from the Belgian KU Leuven and the Dutch University of Utrecht looked at the fuel production process and then improved it by creating a new method that will be implemented in the next decade and will then produce significantly cleaner diesel, more environmentally friendly.

Catalysts are a key element in the production of fuels, which, as a result of the chemical reaction, transforms the raw material into a useful product. During this process, the fuel molecules react with the catalytic material, passing between the metal and the acid, changing their state of concentration at that time. The breakthroughs achieved by the researchers are precisely catalytic materials that contain platinum and solid acids.

By default, the two catalysts must be as close as possible to each other, which greatly facilitates the process. However, the researchers have found that if catalytic components are located at least a few nanometers away, the resulting reaction produces a much more environmentally friendly fuel. The discovery was a big surprise, so we tested the results triple to ensure that the result did not contain any error.

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