Classic iPod worth 20 thousand dollars?

Apple has abandoned the classic iPod a few years ago, but it can not be denied the historical impact of this gadget on the music industry. Although today’s purchase of such a player does not seem to make much sense, the collector’s value of working copies, especially those that are not yet unpackaged, may grow, and some people think they can make a good profit there.

The first Apple computers are worth the fortune, and there have been cases where collectors have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for them. Maybe in the future similar prices will be reached working iPods, which Time magazine recently placed in the 9th position of the most influential gadgets of all time.

Some people think that they can make good money on them, and on the eBay auction site, there is a classic iPod that the owner would like to sell for $ 20,000. However, it is worth mentioning that this is not the first generation iPod, but the second, equipped with 20 GB of internal memory.

If you are wondering why such a crazy price for a few years player, I explain that it is in a factory packaging that has never been opened, which in the case of collectors items raise their value.

It might seem to someone that the owner of the iPod has recently hit a falling brick, but if it was, then he was not the one. On eBay there are many more such auctions. One of the first generation iPods is offered for $ 10,000. On another owner of the third generation iPod shuffle wants a thousand dollars for him, and another for the first generation of iPods wants $ 2500.

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