Chrome users attacked by malware

Chrome browser users have become the target of a hacker attack. The new technique used by criminals encourages them to download missing fonts. In the meantime, they actually download malicious malware.

Cybercriminals attacking computer users are becoming more sophisticated and inventing new ways to deceive the victims. NeoSmart Technologies specialists have just discovered a new way to focus on sites that use the WordPress platform.

The technique uses a JavaScript script that makes the page viewed on a Chrome page unreadable, as it looks like it is missing letters on it. The script then displays a message box prompting the user to resolve the problem by installing allegedly missing fonts.

The average user will not even suspect that it has just been targeted for hacking and hackers are concerned. Instead of installing fonts, malware. What’s worse, Chrome does not warn you that the file contains malware because it is not being downloaded too often, so it does not interest the protection system.

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