Chinese people are working on more agile drones

The team of Chinese engineers has developed a completely new propulsion system for unmanned flying units. Thanks to the solution they have created, it is possible to adjust the trajectory vector, which can make the drones much more agile and be able to fly into places that were too dangerous to them.

The professionally designed drones are equipped with wide wings, which provide the right carrier force even during low-speed flight. The disadvantage of such a solution is the considerable reduction of maneuverability of such machines, which are therefore not particularly agile and require a large space. They can not move in tight spaces because they would not be able to twist quickly enough, and that would limit their functionality.

However, Chinese scientists have found a solution to this problem, because they have developed a technology called VTD (Variable thrust direction) to adjust the vector force thrust. Their idea is based on a special engine mounting system that is installed on a rotary disk driven by two cylinders. Their rotation reverses the direction of the thrust, allowing it to perform tight turns. In addition, the system is light enough and compact enough to be installed in relatively small unmanned vehicles.

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