Cheap Huawei smartphone with biometric technology

Apple was not the first company to offer smartphones with fingerprint readers, surpassed by a Chinese company, but it was this company that popularized the technology. Now readers are on the rise in a growing number of devices, including low-cost devices such as Huawei’s new product, which costs about $ 120.

Huawei is trying to offer smartphones to every customer, both the rich and those looking for very inexpensive hardware, but with many useful features. The latest proposal of the Chinese concern is a low-cost smartphone priced at less than a thousand yuan, which is about $ 120.

Its official name as well as the exact technical specification remains a mystery for the time being. We only know that the smartphone handles all types of cellular networks, and a picture of a new product proving that it has a fingerprint reader leaked into the network. As for hardware at such a low price it is quite unusual and one can wonder how such a system will function.

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