Ceresa’s surface is different than expected

The more scientists investigate the dwarf planet Ceres, the greater the surprise they encounter. Its surface is not as expected and has a much lower carbon content compared to its predecessors.

Ceres is one of the most unusual objects recently discovered by astronomers. The dwarf planet aroused enormous interest in the scientific world with strange, glowing stains on its surface, which probably formed from ice.

However, it turns out that the object hides much more secrets, and the more researched, the greater the surprise. The latest discovery has surprised scientists, as it turned out that the surface of the planet was completely different from what it was supposed to be.

The latest infrared scans indicate that it is not as rich in coal as previously thought. There are only traces of this material coming from asteroids hitting its surface, which is mixed with dust, ice and carbonates.

Previously it was thought that the Ceres surface had the same composition as the nearby asteroids. However, research shows that it only looks like that, but it is completely different. The findings thus question the earlier theories concerning the origin of this dwarf planet and suggest that it could have formed in the periphery of the Solar System before it reached the Asteroid Belt.

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