Californian school is the first user of the ShotSpotter system

Newark Memorial High School, one of Californian high schools will be the first institution to install ShotSpotter. This is a technology that can pinpoint where the shot fired from a firearm is, based on the bursting sound and the barrel flash.

A few months ago, the US media reported a new system for detecting firearms. The ShotSpotter technology, developed by Shooter Detection Systems, uses microphones, infrared cameras, and motion sensors to determine where someone has used a weapon. By using these elements, the sensor can record a shot of the shot and the flash of the barrel, and then automatically notify the police.

The Newark Memorial High School educational facility will be the first location where ShotSpotter will be used. The school’s management hopes that other schools will follow in their footsteps and also install a new system in their home, thus protecting their students from the threat.

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