Burmester announces sound system for Porsche Panamera

This autumn, another generation of Porsche Panamera will debut. Burmester has already created a new sound system for him. The power set of over 1400 watts consists of 21 loudspeakers that provide the car with a spacious surround sound.

Luxury cars are equipped with high-end sound systems, designed to give the driver an impression similar to the concert hall. All components are therefore designed and installed for the best sound quality.

Modern sound systems also offer surround sound and such technology will be on board the new Porsche Panamera, which will hit stores in November. It was created by the German brand Burmester, which has been working with Porsche since 2009 and is also responsible for the first generation of this sports limo.

The new sound system is optional and consists of 21 speakers in the cab, five more than the first model. The new speakers are placed in each of the A-pillars and completely new Auro 3D sound processing technology. The solution will allow you to create even more roomy sound, which according to the manufacturer resembles the world’s best concert halls.

The total power of the system is 1445 W, consisting of four bass speakers, seven midrange drivers, two tweeters, the Ribbon Tweeter (a brand new design for even better sound at higher frequencies) and seven normal tweeters. In the trunk of the vehicle he also found a subwoofer.

The new system has abandoned the use of traditional sound processors in cinemas and instead, together with the Belgian company Galaxy Studios developed a completely new algorithm created for music playback. It expands the front sound stage by placing it slightly above the listener.

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There is also a special color enhancement technology created for compressed audio streams transmitted via Bluetooth. There is also a playback function designed for long journeys and many surround sound features, with the ability to focus entirely on one of the seats.

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