Britons are banning ticket bots

The British government has just introduced a new amendment to the Digital Economy Act, which discourages bots buying tickets for various events. Their use will now be fined.

The biggest problem for fans of sports, music and other entertainment events is buying tickets. Theoretically, they can be bought over the internet, but practice shows that the sale is made by bots managed by the crooks, who immediately buy out their stocks. Then you can buy these tickets only at the proverbs, obviously for a much higher price.

Such action, though it did not give ordinary people a chance to buy a ticket, was not illegal until now. Fortunately, the situation in this area is slowly changing for the better and some time ago the New York State authorities first banned the bots, acknowledging their use as a crime, and later Obama extended the law to the whole country. Similar regulations are also introduced by the British government.

There is a new law change that prohibits the use of bots to buy tickets online for various events. This is now considered a crime and although it does not jeopardize such a jail sentence, then the bot user must count on a fine that has no upper limit.

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