Bookstores offer bombers manuals

British Guardian has discovered that the three largest online bookstores in the country still sell instructional books explaining how to build a bomb in a home environment.

It is said that the internet is a mine of knowledge for terrorists, as there are easily find instructions for performing various types of bombs. However, it turns out that such information can easily be obtained in the form of officially sold, printed publications.

Guardian journalists have discovered that three of Britain’s biggest online bookstores, WH Smith, Amazon UK and Waterstones, continue to sell instructional manuals teaching how to build a bomb on their own. Among them is the book “Improved Munitions Handbook, Boobytraps, and Explosives and Demolitions”, which was created in 1960 for the needs of military personnel of the American army. This is just one example of publications that have become extremely popular among terrorists since the end of the Vietnam War.

Forbidden publications are still available and can be purchased easily in a few UK bookstores.

When the case was revealed by the Guardian, WH Smith immediately closed the entire page devoted to these publications, withdrew them from the offer, but in two other bookshops are still available.

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