Boeing demonstrated prototype helicopters for 2030

This week, in Washington, the annual Convent is held in Boeing, where Boeing unveils the latest models of helicopters that will be available to service in 2030.

Although the introduction of new machinery into service is scheduled for such a distant future, prototypes of new machines are already flying. The first one is a transport machine, which thanks to the push propeller mounted in the tail, is much faster, and thanks to additional wings can lift more cargo.

Another model is the Piasecki X-49 SpeedHawk, a conceptual model built under the contract with the Navy, which has wings and still undergoes test flights. The next model is an improved version of the Chinook, probably even bigger, and the next is a machine designed with DARPA’s DiscRotor, looking like someone put a big beret on it. So far, a miniaturized model has been created, and the machine is about to take off like a helicopter, and then the rotor blades are huddled in the big rotor for faster speed and efficiency.

The final concept is an improved version of the V-22 Osprey, but for now we do not know anything about it.

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