BlackBerry runs a lab for autonomous cars

The Canadian company BlackBerry has launched a new research center in its country. Engineers working there will work on technologies related to autonomous vehicle systems.

The BlackBerry company, known primarily as a smartphone maker, has announced the withdrawal of the mobile devices a few days ago. The company has released a license to a Chinese TCL concern that will now produce and sell their products. Canadians have a bit of free time and intend to devote it to the development of autonomous vehicle technology.

BlackBerry has just opened in Ottawa a completely new research center BlackBerry QNX Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Center (AVIC), dedicated to the development of systems that will in the near future take full control of our cars. The company is also one of three companies that have received permission from the Canadian government to test prototypes of such vehicles on public roads.

One of the first initiatives to be implemented at the new center is the project being carried out jointly with Renesas and PolySync, as well as with the University of Waterloo, to develop a conceptual autonomous vehicle.

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