Bioprotected by thought

Former limb prostheses were only pieces of rigid plastic without movement. Today, these are technologically advanced solutions that, thanks to built-in electronics, provide functionality closer to the real limbs. The latest example of such prostheses is Proprio Foot.

Proprio Foot is a work of engineers from the Icelandic company Ossur, which has its head office in Reykjavík. It is a bionic denture that is controlled by the mind, or rather by the brain waves. For more than a year, the manufacturer tested it secretly in front of the media, and now revealed its invention, publicly announcing further tests.

The appearance of the new prosthesis is not even close to the real limb and more like a part of the robot. It does not look as though it is the most important, but the functionality, and therefore the action as the true foot, that is balancing and bending the limb. The most interesting thing, however, is that the prosthesis performs in the same way as the real thing, ie through the nerve impulses.

The use of this device requires a prior surgical implant, consisting of implantation in the skull of a small implant equipped with electrodes that provide contact with the prosthesis. The whole process takes about 15 minutes and according to the assurances of the constructors, it is very simple. After the exercise, the patient can fully control the limb.

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