Bilboard with your racist commentary around your home

Social media is full of racist entries posted by people who think that the anonymity provided by the network will allow them to remain impunity. In Brazil, a new anti-racist campaign was organized, the main motive of which is to publish such comments on well-visible billboards and in the author’s residence.

There is no denying that the internet is a place where, besides factual discussion, there is a heap wave and racist comments directed against different people. Their authors mistakenly believe that the network provides them with anonymity, so they pour out their grievances, injuring those completely aliens.

Brazilian Criola, a civil rights organization, decided to fight with such people with the strongest weapon, shame. As part of the campaign “Virtual Racism, the Real Consequences,” he searches the most racist comments in the social media and then locates the authors. When the author of the entry is already known, a banner appears in its vicinity, where a comment is posted.

Although the name of the author and his image is blurred, social networking sites have recently started offering search capabilities, so if anyone wants it, they will easily find out who they are. The purpose of the campaign is to embarrass the authors of such comments and to show them that such entries are not anonymous at all and can have serious consequences.

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