BAE Systems will construct a magnetic gun

Every army needs new weapons to face increasingly better armed opponents. Sooner or later, the American military will receive the true weapon of extermination – the electromagnetic gun.

The first time this project could be heard almost two years ago, when BAE Systems presented a video demonstrating a prototype test. Now we know that the US Navy has approved the design, and that means that the armaments company has received the green light and can go ahead with the construction of the weapon. The company hopes to have two prototypes ready by early next year.

However, the weapon must be seriously rebuilt, because the current project allows only one shot. Meanwhile, the navy research office requires a firing rate of at least 6-10 bullets per minute.

Then the weapon would be really dangerous on the battlefield. Especially since its capabilities are amazing, it can shoot a missile at 6 times the speed of sound and hit it a target of 100 nautical miles.

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